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Land Records

Land records indicate the ownership of real property within the Town. When a property transfers ownership from one entity to another, the recording of that transaction is done in this office. Mortgages, financing statements, liens, attachments, releases of mortgages, and other related documents are filed with the Land Records.

To find the owner of a property where only the address is known, go to the Assessorís office first, obtain the "Book and Page" where the transaction was recorded, then come to the Town Clerks office for a copy of that deed.

Some properties may be included in a subdivision map or other survey.

To see if your property has been surveyed, come to the office to look at the index to maps and surveys.

Documents for recording should be presented between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Recording fees are $53 for the first page of any document and $5 for each additional page of that document.

Copies of deeds, mortgages, liens, etcetera, are $1 per page, with an additional $2 for certification.

Fees for recording are set by State Statute.

Copies of maps and surveys are available for $1 each when copied from Town Clerk book, for complete maps and surveys please visit the Engineering Department.

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Armed Forces Discharges

The Town Clerk handles recording of Armed Forces Discharges (original DD-214 or certified copy or original discharge papers) which will establish eligibility for veteranís exemptions for property tax. Discharges become permanent records of the Town, and are considered confidential records. There is no charge for recording Armed Services Discharges.

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Trade Name Certificates for businesses

State Statutes require that a Trade Name Certificate be filed by anyone doing business in the Town of Branford under a "fictitious" name. Banks require a copy of a trade name certificate in order to open a business account.

The charge for filing is $5, forms should be complete and notarized for recording with the Town Clerk.

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