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January 31st Grand List to be signed.
February 31st Grand List signed if extension is granted.

February 1st-

May 15th

Filing period for Elderly (includes Totally Disabled) Homeowner's Program- (form M-35H)
February 1st-20th Deadline for receipt by Board of Assessment Appeals of written appeals. Deadline is March 20th if Town has received extension for filing Grand List.
March 1st Deadline for Board of Assessment Appeals to notify appellants of hearings dates.
March 15th Freeze and Elderly Homeowners deadline for acceptance by mail and/or filing period.
June 1st Income and Expense Statements due.
September Board of Assessment Appeals hold one session - Motor Vehicle Appeals Only.
September 30th Honorable Discharge Papers - filing deadline with Town Clerk 1st, Assessor's Office 2nd
November 1st Filing deadline Personal Property Declarations. (M15) Quadrennial Filing Tax Exempt Property and Supplemental Tax Exempt Property. (M-3 and M-4)
December 31st Active Servicemen affidavit for exemption of one Motor Vehicle garaged outside of state - Filing Deadline




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