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RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS:  You must be a State of Connecticut Resident on the Assessment date to receive an exemption.  Residence for the purpose of property tax exemption statutes means a persons domicile.


If your residency changes you must notify the Assessorís Office immediately to continue to receive your exemption.


REGULAR VETERANíS EXEMPTION: To qualify for a Regular Veteranís Exemption, the Veteran must have served at least 90 days during wartime service and received and Honorable Discharge.  Original Discharge papers (DD-214) must be on file with the City Clerks Office prior to October 1st.


DISABLED VETERANíS:  Connecticut disabled veterans who receive eligibility notices directly from the U.S. Department of Veteranís Affairs may be entitled to property tax exemptions for service related disabilities.  In order to receive this exemption, the Veteran must file the Disability rating slip with the Assessor provided by the Veteranís Administration to apply for this exemption.


ADDITIONAL VETERANíS EXEMPTIONS:  An additional benefit is available for veterans with incomes lower than $27,100 for single and 33,000 for a married couple.  The filing period is between February 1st and previous calendar year.  Qualifying income includes:  Federal Income Tax Return if filed or all year end statements, plus your social Security 1099 form.  The additional exemption is equal to twice the amount must be filed every two years.


For in-service exemptions, see Motor Vehicles



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