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Building Inspection Process


1)      Soil/Footing Inspection:  Set forms and required reinforcement.  Call for inspection prior to pouring concrete.


2)      Foundation Inspection:  (Only on engineered foundations) Set forms and required reinforcement.  Call for inspection prior to pouring concrete.


3)   Backfill:  Install or apply footing drains, tar membrane, waterproofing, and/or

      insulation, if applicable.  Call for inspection prior to backfilling.


4)      Rough Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical : Set all required tests on plumbing system.


5)   Framing Inspection:  Call for inspection only after plumbing/HVAC/electrical

rough inspections have been approved.  All firestopping components completed.


6)      Insulation Inspection:  Call for inspection prior to drywall installation.


7)      Acoustical Ceiling Inspection:  Set/secure ceiling grid with fixtures, call for inspection prior to installing ceiling tiles (required by all trades.)


8)      Final Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical


9)      Final Building Inspection


Call 24-48 hours in advance for all inspections


This list is not necessarily all inclusive.

Additional inspections and/or documentation may be required per the

Special Inspection requirements of the Connecticut Building Code.


Procedure for Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy


All departmental final inspections are to be approved.  This also includes any other town departmental approvals, if applicable.


Revised estimates (actual costs) are to be submitted if scope of original construction has changed.  Cost shall be listed for each trade.


Pursuant to Sec. 29-265, C.G.S., No building or structure shall be occupied or used in whole or part until a certificate of occupancy has been issued.


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