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How do I prepare for a disaster or emergency?


Branford residents should be prepared to evacuate their homes, workplace, schools or any other location when notified by town officials to do so. Delays in evacuation could result in personal injury or becoming trapped in your vehicle.

It is most important that all Branford residents plan where they and their family (including elderly relatives living in the area) intend on evacuating to. 

Whether you choose to evacuate out of the Branford area (to family, friend or hotel in another town) or to utilize a Branford operated shelter, families must pre-plan evacuation routes.

When pre-planning evacuation routes, you must consider the following:

1. Plan a primary and secondary route using as many main thoroughfares as possible.

2. Plan primary and secondary routes to all of your sheltering options. Reminder—Branford officials may activate only the primary shelter (Sliney School) or others as needed.

3. Depending on the emergency (hurricane v. winter storm) different routes will be used depending on terrain (hills) and potential flooding (hurricanes).


Branford residents may be notified in a number of ways concerning evacuation areas and which shelters are open. They include:

Ž Local news, (television and radio, BCTV-20)

Ž NOAA Weather radio is the best means to receive storm info. Battery powered radios can be purchased in most electronic stores.

Ž Police and Fire officials going door to door or broadcasting in neighborhoods

Ž A 2-3 min. constant blast of local sirens indicates emergency information broadcasts via BCTV  Channel 20

Ž Branford Information Hotline  at 315-3909


It is well recognized that local, state and federal officials will develop community sheltering locations, however most families would prefer to shelter with family or friends outside of the affected area. It is recommended that the minimum distance away from Branford that your family should seek shelter is 15 miles. In the case of a hurricane, the location should be north of Long Island Sound. If this is the primary choice of your family, agreements with the hosting family or friends should be in place well in advance.

If you are unable to arrange for a sheltering location outside of Branford, you and you family may evacuate to a town operated shelter (listed below).

If needed, shelters are opened and operated with the assistance of the American Red Cross (ARC). It is important for all Branford residents to remember, not all shelters will be opened unless needed. Therefore, to determine which shelters are open, refer to the “HOW WILL YOU BE NOTIFIED?”  guidelines.




Primary Shelter John B. Sliney School
23 Eades St (# 1 on Map)


Alternate Shelter Branford Recreation Center
46 Church St. (#2 on Map)


Alternate Shelter Mary T. Murphy School
14 Brushy Plain Rd. (#3 on Map)


Alternate Shelter Walsh Intermediate School
185 Damascus Rd. (#4 on Map)


Alternate Shelter Branford High School

185 East Main St. (#5 on Map)


What to Bring to Shelters?

o Sleeping bags, bed rolls and pillows

o Items in Disaster Kit including change of cloths

o Essential toiletries, towels, medications etc

o Games, cards, toys for children

What NOT to Bring to Shelters!

X Pets or animals—Plan ahead for their care—Branford Animal Shelter 747 E. Main St.

X Sick or injured persons requiring specialized care— medical facilities should be used.




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