In 1638 the New Haven Colony traded "eleven coats of trucking cloth and one coat of English cloth made in the English fashion" to the Mattabesec Indians for land known as Totokett (Tidal River). The first permanent settlement was established in 1644 when people from Wethersfield came to Totokett, later renamed Branford after the town of Brentford in Middlesex County, England…..


It is not our mission to create a novel here or attempt to cover the entire history of Branford. Our goal is to bring some of the flavor, some of the events or locations of particular importance or interest to our community. In the following pages we hope you will come to appreciate the people who have come before us, their particular quirks and ambitions, to bring these people back, from being a whispered legend or a barely discernible scribble on a headstone, to share their hopes and aspirations. To preserve what evidence of their passing still exists so we can learn and appreciate their lives, their dreams, to hopefully, make us appreciate our own.

This “history” will be a continuous work in progress, come back often, see what’s “new” or revisit some old favorites. Here you find articles written by respected local residents who, in many cases, had their families actually live the tales told here.  With the help of the Branford Historical Society we hope to present regular articles, slices of life, about different parts of town. Share with you the buildings, sites and land that are being preserved for all to enjoy and learn from and to help track and find locations of particular historical or architectural significance to save for ourselves and our children.


Join us, let us look into the looking glass and see were we came from...


Chapters from the 350th Anniversary Commemorative Album


The Founders of Branford


Historic Districts

Celebrating Branford's Architectural Heritage


Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow

A Reminiscence


The Nature of Branford


The Decade before

English Settlement:



Archaeology in Branford


James Blackstone Memorial Library

The Churches of Totoket

Center Cemetery

A Glimpse of the Thimble Islands



Moving Branford Forward


Branford Revival


Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library


Branford's Summer Hotels



The Leatherman




Stony Creek Quarries


J. Andre Smith


Ella Wheeler Wilcox



Brings Change to Branford


Early Days of Telephone Service


The Branford Review is Founded







Branford's Hurricanes of the 20th Century




The V.N.A.

is Founded in Branford


Woman in Politics

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