K-4 School District Map

Districts are subject to change please contact the Branford Board of Education for latest information.

John B. Sliney School Mary T. Murphy School Mary R. Tisko School
Abbotts La (All) Abbie Rd (All) Acorn Rd (All)
Aceto St (All) Alex Warfield Rd (All) Anchorage Rd (All)
Alps Rd (#225 - 999) Alps Rd (#1-215) Applewood Rd (All)
Altman St (All) Apple Tree La (All) Arrow Head La (All)
Ark Rd (All) Ash Rd (All) Ash Creek Dr (All)
Averill Pl (All) Autumn Ridge Rd (All) Ashman Ct (All)
Barker Pl (All) Avon Rd (All) Baldwin Dr (All)
Barton Ct (All) Ballou Rd (All) Bartholomew Rd (All)
Bassett Rd (All) Bear Path Rd (All) Bayberry La (All)
Bayards Crossing Rd (All) Beaver Rd (All) Bayview Ave (All)
Beach Pl (All) Bellview Rd (All) Beechwood Rd (All)
Beckett Ave (All) Brainerd Rd (All) Big Curtis Island (All)
Berger St (All) Briarwood La (All) Birch Rd (All)
Berry Patch Rd (All) Brooklawn Ter (All) Bishop Rd (All)
Block Island Rd (All) Brookwood Dr (All) Blackstone Ave (All)
Bradley Ave (All) Brushy Plain Rd (All) Bowhay Hill Rd (All)
Bradley St (All) Burban Dr (All) Brandegee Ave (All)
Breezy La (All) Carle Rd (All) Brookhills Rd (All)
Brightwood La (All) Cedar St (150-190, Evens Buena Vista Rd (All)
Bristol St (All)    including Cedar Knolls) Business Park Dr (All)
Brocketts La (All) Cherry Hill Rd (#36-999) Buttermilk La (All)
Brocketts Point Rd (All) Circle Dr (All) Buttonwood Dr (All)
Bryan Rd (All) Clarendon St (All) Cadwell Pl (All)
Buckley Rd (All) Commercial Parkway (All) Carriage Hill Dr (All)
Bungalow La (All) Crestwood Rd (All) Cedrus Ct (All)
Burr St (All) Cynthia Ct (All) Chapel Dr (All)
Captains La (All) Cypress Dr (All) Christopher Rd (All)
Cedar St (20-123 All Damien Rd (All) Clam Island (All)
   127-171 Odds) Dominican Rd (All) Club Parkway (All)
Cherry Hill Rd (#1-27) Donna La (All) Coachman Dr (All)
Cherry St (All) Eli Yale Ter (All) Cocheco Ave (All)
Chestnut St (All) Farview Dr (All) Collins Dr (All)
Church St (All) Florence Rd (All) Commercial St (All)
Cider Mill La (All) Gentile Pl (All) Conifer Dr (All)
Clancy Rd (All) Gilbert La (All) Corbin Cir (All)
Clark Ave (All) Greenfield Ave (All) Cottage St (All)
Court St (All) Hay Stack Rd (All) Creek Ct (All)
Cove Ter (All) Hazel Dr (All) Crescent Bluff Ave (All)
Curve St (All) Helen Rd (All) Crouch Rd (All)
Damberg Pl (All) Hemlock Rd (All) Damascus Rd (All)
Dogwood Ct (All) Heritage Hill Rd (All) Debra La (All)
Double Beach Rd (All) High Meadow Rd (All) Deer Path Rd (All)
Driscoll Rd (All) Hilltop Dr (All) Deforest Dr (All)
Eades St (All) Hoadley Rd (All) Devon Ct (All)
Edgewood St (All) Homestead Pl (All) Dorchester La (All)
Elinor Pl (All) Hosley Ave (All) Dorr St (All)
Elm St (All) Hosley Rd (All) Dudley Ave (All)
Ely St (All) Jackson Dr (All) East Haycock Point Rd (All)
Esther Pl (All) Jacob La (All) East Industrial Rd (All)
Euclid St (All) Jefferson Rd (All) East Main St ()
Evergreen Pl (All) Joseph La (All) Eastwood Dr (All)
Fairlawn Ave (All) Katie-Joe La (All) Edgewater (All)
Farm River Rd (All) Kenyon St (All) Eighth Ave (All)
Field Pl (All) Lakeview Ter (All) Elizabeth St (All)
Field Rd (All) Laurel Hill Rd (All) Etzel Rd (All)
Forest St (All) Locust St (All) Featherbed La (All)
Forest St Ext (All) Ludlow Ct (All) Fellsmere Farm Rd (All)
Frank St (All) Marian Rd (All) Fenway Rd (All)
Garden St (All) Matthew Rd (All) Fern Ct (All)
Glen St (All) Millwood Dr (All) Fern La (All)
Glendale Pl (All) Mona Ave (All) Ferry La (All)
Goodsell Point Rd (All) Mountain Top Dr (All) Fifth Ave (All)
Greyledge Rd (All) North Main St (18-84 Evens) Fir Tree Dr (All)
Grove St (All) Obrien Rd (All) Fir Tree Dr North (All)
Hammer Pl (All) Orchard Hill Rd (All) First Ave (All)
Hamre La (All) Overland Ct (All) Fitzgerald Ln (All)
Harbor St (All) Parish Farm Rd (All) Flat Rock Rd (All)
Harbor View Ave (All) Pent Rd (All) Flat Rock Rd Ext (All)
Harding Ave (All) Pine Hollow Rd (All) Flax Mill Rd (All)
Harrison Ave (All) Pinski Dr (All) Flying Point Rd (All)
Hawthorne Ter (All) Piscitello Dr (All) Fourth Ave (All)
Hickory Rd (All) Pompano Ave (All) Gaylea Dr (All)
Highland Ave (All) Ramona Way (All) Goldsmith Rd (All)
Hill St (All) Red Rock Rd (All) Gough Dr (All)
Hillside Ave (All) Richill Rd (All) Gould La (All)
Home Pl (All) Robert Frost Dr (All) Governors Island (All)
Hopkins Ct (All) Roby Ct (All) Granite Rd (All)
Hopson Ave (All) Rock Rd (All) Griffing Pond Rd (All)
Howard Ave (All) Rolling Hill Rd (All) Grove Ave (All)
Indian Neck Ave (All) Rose Hill Rd (All) Halls Point Rd (All)
Ivy St (All) Shady La (All) Halstead La (All)
Jacqueline Way (All) Side Hill Rd (All) Hart Ave (All)
Jefferson Pl (All) Spice Bush La (All) Hemingway St (All)
John St (All) Summit Pl (All) Hickory Hill La (All)
Johnsons Point Rd (All) Sunny Meadow Rd (All) High Plains Rd (All)
Jourdan Rd (All) Thistle Meadow La (All) Hotchkiss Grove Rd (All)
Judy S Island (All) Todds Hill Rd (All) Howd Ave (All)
Kellycrest Rd (All) Valley Brook Rd (All) Hudson Ct (All)
Kenwood La (All) Valley Brook Rd So (All) Huntington Dr (All)
Kidds Cave Rd (All) Victor Hill Dr (All) Indian Point Rd (All)
Killams Point Rd (All) West Main St () Indian Woods Rd (All)
Kirkham St (All) Wilbraham Ct (All) Island View Ave (All)
Lanphier Rd (All)   Jacquies Islands (All)
Lanphiers Cove Camp (All)   Jeffrey La (All)
Lanphiers Cove Rd (All)   Joseph Way (All)
Laurel St (All)   Juniper Point Rd (All)
Liesl Lane (All)   Knollwood Dr (All)
Lincoln Ave (All)   Lake Ave (All)
Lindsley St (All)   Lantern View Dr (All)
Little Bay La (All)   Ledge Rock La (All)
Main St (All)   Leetes Island Rd (All)
Maple St (All)   Limewood Ave (All)
Mariners Way (All)   Linden Ave (All)
Marshall Pl (All)   Linden Point Rd (All)
Marshall Rd (All)   Linsley Lake Rd (All)
Mckinnel Ct (All)   Lomartra La (All)
Meadow St (All)   Long Point Rd (All)
Melrose Ave (All)   Maclean Pl (All)
Midwood Rd (All)   Maltby St (All)
Mill Creek Pl (All)   Manor Pl (All)
Mill Creek Rd (All)   Marbar St (All)
Monroe St (All)   Marks Ct (All)
Montowese St (All)   Meadow Circle Rd (All)
Newton Rd (All)   Meadow Wood Rd (All)
Nicole Rd (All)   Medley La (All)
North Harbor St (All)   Messinger Archipelag Isl (All)
North Main St (108-294 All   Mill Plain Rd (All)
   13-91 Odds)   Milo Dr (All)
Oak Ridge Rd (All)   Mirage Dr (All)
Oak St (All)   Money Island (All)
Oakdale Rd (All)   Montgomery Parkway (All)
Old Pine Orchard Rd (All)   Ninth Ave (All)
Old Smugglers Rd (All)   North Branford Rd (All)
Palmer Rd (All)   North East Industrial Rd (All)
Palmer Woods Cir (All)   Northford Rd (All)
Park Pl (All)   Oak Gate Dr (All)
Parker Memorial Dr (All)   Oak Hollow Rd (All)
Parker Pl (All)   Old Hickory La (All)
Pavillion Ct (All)   Old New England Rd (All)
Pentecost St (All)   Old Pawson Rd (All)
Pine Orchard Rd (#1-57)   Old Quarry Rd (All)
Plant Rd (All)   Oneill La (All)
Prospect St (All)   Orchard Ave (All)
Reynolds Ave (All)   Ozone Rd (All)
Reynolds La (All)   Pasadena Rd (All)
Rice Terr (All)   Pasture La (All)
Riverside Dr (All)   Patrick La (All)
Riverview Ave (All)   Pawson Landing Dr (All)
Rock Pasture Rd (All)   Pawson Rd (All)
Rockland Pk (All)   Pawson Trail (All)
Rocky Ledge La (All)   Penn Cir (All)
Rogers St (All)   Pepperwood La (All)
Russell St (All)   Pin Oak Dr (All)
Rustic Rd (All)   Pine Orchard Rd (#58-999)
Sherwood St (All)   Pine Tree Dr (All)
Shore Dr (All)   Pine Wood Rd (All)
Short Beach Rd (All)   Pleasant Point Rd (All)
Silver St (All)   Pond View Ter (All)
So Main St (All)   Pot Island-Treasure (All)
So Montowese St (All)   Prospect Hill Rd (All)
Spring Rd (All)   Queach Rd (All)
Stannard Ave (All)   Ramblewood Dr (All)
Stone St (All)   Red Hill Rd (All)
Svea Ave (All)   Rextile Rd (All)
Swift St (All)   Ridge Acres Rd (All)
Tabor Dr (All)   Ridge Rd (All)
Taylor Pl (All)   River Rd (All)
Terhune Ave (All)   Sachem Rd (All)
Tidelands (All)   Sagamore Cove Rd (All)
Toole Dr (All)   Sandra Dr (All)
Turtle Bay Dr (All)   Sawmill Rd (All)
Umbrella Island (All)   School Ground Rd (All)
Union Ave (All)   School St (All)
Valley St (All)   Seaview Ave (All)
Village Green Ct (All)   Second Ave (All)
Vineyard Rd (All)   Selden Ave (All)
Weir St (All)   Seventh Ave (All)
West End Ave (All)   Short Rocks Rd (All)
Westwood Rd (All)   Sixth Ave (All)
Wilcox Pl (All)   Soffer Pl (All)
Wildwood Dr (All)   Sound View Hgts (All)
Wilford Ave (All)   Spring Cove Rd (All)
Willow Rd (All)   Spring Rock Rd (All)
Wood Rd (All)   Squaw Brook Rd (All)
Woodlawn Ave (All)   Squire La (All)
Woodside Dr (All)   Stone Wall La (All)
Woodvale Rd (All)   Stonegate Dr (All)
Woodvale Rd Ext (All)   Stony Creek Rd (All)
Yale Ct (All)   Sumac Island (All)
  Summer Island Pt (All)
  Summer Island Rd (All)
  Sunset Beach Rd (All)
  Sunset Hill Dr (All)
  Sunset Manor Rd (All)
  Surrey La (All)
  Sybil Ave (All)
  Sycamore Way (All)
  Sylvia St (All)
  Tanglewood Dr (All)
  Thimble Farms Rd (All)
  Thimble Islands Rd (All)
  Third Ave (All)
  Thompson Rd (All)
  Three Elm Rd (All)
  Tipping Dr (All)
  Totoket Rd (All)
  Tweed Rd (All)
  Tyler Ave (All)
  Valley Rd (All)
  Venice St (All)
  Victoria Dr (All)
  Wakefield Rd (All)
  Wallace Rd (All)
  Waterside Rd (All)
  Watrous Ave (All)
  Waverly Park Rd (All)
  Waverly Rd (All)
  Wellesley Dr (All)
  Wellsweep Rd (All)
  West Haycock Pt (All)
  West Point Rd (All)
  White Birch La (All)
  Whitewood Dr (All)
  Whiting Farm Rd (All)
  Wilford Rd (All)
  Windmill Hill Rd (All)
  Woodland Rd (All)
  Yowago Ave (All)

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