The rapid growth in the U.S. population and the accompanying increase in home construction have created a large population of consumers involved in landscaping to one degree or another. The downside is that most people have little or no education when it comes to environmentally sound landscape practices. As a result, runoff pollution and water waste have become significant problems.

     Good stewardship begins at home and taking care of our private landscape gives us an opportunity to actively make a difference through thoughtful management of our plants, soil, and water resources. Small changes can make a big difference in environmental quality when we join with others in our communities and regions that are also good stewards of their home landscapes.


Environmental Guidlines for Responsible Lawn Care and Landscaping


Introduction to Organic Lawns and Yards


Rain Gardens in Connecticut, A Design Guide for Homeowners.


The 10 Environmental Guiding Principles for Responsible lawn Care and Landscaping


Using Native Grasses for Ecological Restoration (a USDA/EPA presentation)


Online Landscaping Resources

Information Resources:


General Landscaping:




Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America



Cornell Cooperative Extension

The Homeowners Lawn Care Water Quality Almanac

Learn how to take care of your lawn without contributing to pollution of your watershed


Environmental Defense Fund, Guide to Habitat Management:


EPA Landscaping With Natives:


National Gardening Association:



NRCS Backyard Conservation:


Organic Landcare CT & MA, Accredited Landscapers & other resources:




UCONN Water Quality and the Home Landscape:


University of California

IPM website



Invasive Plants:

Invasive plant info:

Invasive Plants of New England:

Native Gardening:

Newtown Conservation Commission Invasive Specified Power Point:

Plant Information:

Connecticut Botanical Society:

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center:

INationwide Extension Information Search Engine


Plants for a Future database (edible, medicinal, useful plants) :

Native tree and Shrub Availability List:

New England Wildflower Society:

UCONN tree and shrub database:

USDA Plant ddatabase:






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