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Town Clerk 

The Town Clerk is responsible for recording, filing, securing all land records and vital statistics, and maintaining document preservation.  It is responsibility of the Town Clerk to collect all municipal fees and state conveyance taxes with property transfers.

The Town Clerk’s purview over vital statistics includes issuing marriage licenses and recording both birth and death certificates.  The office also issues state and local permits, such as dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, shellfish permits and business name registration.

By state statute, the Town Clerk is also responsible for the administration and direction of all elections and referenda.  In this regard, town residents may register to vote through the Clerk’s office, as well as through the Registrar of Voters.

The Town Clerk offers Notary Public services, is an ex-officio member of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) Branford’s legislative body by town charter, and also serves as clerk to the Board of Finance.


Documents and Applications

Listing files in 'Town Clerk Documents'


Listing files in 'Voters'



              JUNE is Dog Licensing Month!


All Annual Dog Licenses Expire on June 30th

Per Connecticut state law, all dogs, six months and older and living in the Town of Branford are required to have a license and rabies vaccination. Licenses expire on June 30th and must be renewed annually.  Please provide proof of current rabies vaccination and proof of spay/neuter, if applicable,  Click here for details. 

Dogs licensed on-time during the month of June are eligible for a chance at the esteemed Branford Top Dog contest.  The winner is chosen at random and wins the honor of wearing tag #1 for the year, a gift basket of toys and goodies, and a photo op at Town Hall.




2015 Top Dog Contest Winner
2014 Top Dog Contest Winner

Copies of Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates

You must provide a photocopy of a government-issued photo I.D. (driver's license or passport) to your order to receive any certificate copy whether you order in-person or by mail.

If you order in-person or by mail, you can pay by cash or check payable to BRANFORD TOWN CLERK. Orders by mail must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope (#10 size).  At this time, we do not accept debit or credit cards.

Birth Certificates  $20  (Note, wallet-sized certificates are no longer accepted as proof of birth)
Birth Certificates may be issued on one of the following conditions:

  • By order of a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • Upon written request of the person whose birth is recorded, if of age.
  • Upon request of a state department or the Federal government, when approved by the state department of health.
  • Upon written request of a parent or other lawful representative of such person (with proper identification).
  • Spouse.
  • Children, if of legal age.
  • Grandparents of minors.

Death Certificates $20
If the death occurred in Branford, or the decedant's residence was in Branford at the time of death, the death certificate is filed in the Branford Town Clerk's office.  A certified copy may be requested for the fee of $20.00 each via cash or check payable to "Branford Town Clerk." Photo identification is required, and no debit or credit cards are accepted at this time.

Marriage Certificates $20
Couples who were married in Branford or living in Branford at the time of marriage can obtain certified copies--please bring photo identification, and the fee is $20.00 per certified copy.

Land Records

DRS Update 4/20/2017:  CT Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return Information

Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return-Fillable Forms

Land records indicate the ownership of real property within the Town. When a property transfers ownership from one entity to another, the recording of that transaction takes place in the Town Clerk's office. Mortgages, financing statements, liens, attachments, releases of mortgages, and other related documents are also filed on the Land Records.  In-person recording hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Recording fees are $60 for the first page of any document and $5 for each additional page of that document.  Fees for recording are set by State Statute.

To find the owner of a property where only the address is known, begin at the Assessor’s office to obtain the field card which will provide the "Book and Page" where the transaction was recorded, then come to the Town Clerks office for a copy of that deed.

Some properties may be included in a subdivision map or other survey. To see if your property has been surveyed, come to the office to look at the index to maps and surveys.

Copies of deeds, mortgages, liens, etc, are $1 per page, with an additional $2 for certification.

Armed Forces Discharges

The Town Clerk handles recording of Armed Forces Discharges (original DD-214 or certified copy or original discharge papers) which will establish eligibility for veteran’s exemptions for property tax. Discharges become permanent records of the Town, and are considered confidential records. There is no charge for recording Armed Services Discharges.

Trade Name Certificates for Businesses

State Statutes require that a Trade Name Certificate be filed by anyone doing business in the Town of Branford under a "fictitious" name. Banks require a copy of a trade name certificate (see above in documents and applications) in order to open a business account.  The charge for filing is $10 via cash or  check payable to "Branford Town Clerk" (no credit/debit cards accepted);  the form should be originally signed and completed including notarization, and then recorded with the Town Clerk. 

Contact Information

Town Clerk
Branford Town Hall
1019 Main Street, P.O. Box 150,  Branford, CT  06405

Phone: (203) 315-0678
Fax: (203) 889-4807
Town Clerk: Lisa E. Arpin, CMC CCTC
Hours of Operation: 8:30-4:30 M-F
Deeds recorded: 9:00-4:00 M-F
Marriage Licenses issued: 8:30-4:00 M-F


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Town Hall Address: 1019 Main Street, Branford, CT 06405 Phone: (203) 488-8394 Business Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday