I Love a Parade

“I Love a Parade…”

What a beautiful day for Branford’s Memorial Day Parade! For an erstwhile reporter, collecting information about Branford volunteers, it was a bonanza! There they were - all in a row - from one end of Main Street to the other – from the tiniest Daisy Scout to an impressive array of our fire-fighting equipment. Our National Guard members were a poignant reminder of other volunteers who have fought and died for this country. The marchers provided a glimpse into the past, present and future of our community. The spirited music of Stony Creek’s Fife and Drum Corps set the beat. Representatives of town government and civic organizations reminded us of the “good works” that make Branford such a special place to live. The presence of so many Scouts and other youth groups, who are learning the responsibilities and satisfaction of community service, gives promise of future multitudes of volunteers.

A small committee has been working since early spring on plans to celebrate and encourage Branford volunteers. We would appreciate your input. Peter Hugret, master of the town’s website, and Joseph Abbatello, webmaster, have agreed to add a “volunteer opportunities” link. Non profit organizations are invited to add their contact information to the list, giving the following information: name and mission of the organization, approximate number of volunteers, information about the tasks of volunteers in the organization, the present need for volunteers, and current contact information. This information will be collected, organized and updated by yet another volunteer. Please contact: Maryanne Hall, 26 Summer Island Rd., 488-4272, or mlhall511@comcast.net  

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