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CT Alerts and Local Notifications

The Town of Branford is now a member of The State of Connecticut's Emergency Alerting and Notification System, CT-Alert

You must sign up with CT-ALERT to receive alerts and notifications.

What is the CT-ALERT Emergency Alert Notification System?

The Emergency Alert system allows local officials to help protect lives and property by providing critical information to residents during emergencies, including dangerous situations.  The system allows our Emergency Operations Center to quickly send out an emergency alert to residents in any affected geographic area in town.  Depending on the emergency, the alert may be sent to the entire town or selected areas within town.  The current database includes only traditional wire-line telephone (the “land line” phone you may have in your home).  If you want the system to send alerts to other communication devices that you use, you will have to provide your contact information by logging into the system and sign up for alerts. 



What is the The Branford Community Notification System?

This service allows you to sign up to get notifications from within several designated categories. These categories will provide information on town events, important alerts such as road closures, weather alerts, reminders of special meetings, tax collection schedules, voter registration deadlines and other town programming. Subscribers will be able to receive messages via email. You choose want you would like to SUBSCRIBE to or receive Notifications about. 

This system will only work with your participation. In order to subscribe, you must first create an account on the Town of Branford's website.  

To SUBSCRIBE to Branford Notifications from Town Hall and the First Selectman regarding matters that affect the community,  click on this link

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Last Updated: Tue, 08/24/2021 - 3:28pm