Academy on the Green

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Creation & Composition

During the month of January 1972, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint a commission to be known as the "Academy on the Green Commission," which Commission shall be appointed in the following manner and shall have the following powers and duties. The Commission shall consist of five members, all of whom shall be residents of the Town of Branford, and in addition thereto the Chief Executive Officer of the Town of Branford shall be an ex officio member thereof.


VACANCY (Bouley) U       5 Years 1/30/2023
Leonard Bucher D   22 Jerimoth Drive (203) 488-0633 5 Years 1/30/2024
Albert Russell U   16 Woodvale Road (203) 488-2733 5 Years 1/30/2025
William T. O'Brien U   7 Brookwood Drive (203) 488-7545 5 Years 1/30/2026
 Donald Gentile U CHAIR 40 Averill Place (203) 901-3853 5 Years 1/30/2027