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Branford Resident Permits

Branford Resident Permits (Stickers) are available at the office of the Tax Collector.

Types of Permits

Residence Sticker

Most full-time residents owning a regular passenger vehicle will be able to get a Residence Sticker to be placed on the driver’s side front bumper of that vehicle.  A Residence Sticker (beach sticker) costs $5 for up to 2 years and allows the Branford resident to park at Foote Park and Parker Park, and to bring materials to the Transfer Station/Recycling Center free of charge (some restrictions apply). It expires on March 31 of the even ending years.

Residence Card

For some circumstances a Residence Card for the Transfer Station, or Residence Card for Parks and Beaches may be issued. Some residents or vehicles may get both cards.  A card instead of a sticker may be issued because the person will not be a resident for the full period covered by the sticker, or because the person or vehicle may not be eligible to use one facility or the other, or because there are restrictions that must be explained on the card. 

Trip Pass

For residents wishing only to go to the transfer station where the material is eligible to come in for free, but the vehicle is not eligible to get a sticker or a card, the Branford resident might be able to purchase a Trip Pass.  The most common reason to get a trip pass is when a resident borrows a vehicle to bring material to the transfer station.  Each trip pass costs $1, and is good for one trip to the facility and is valid to be used any time within 30 days from when the pass is purchased.  Trip passes are non-refundable and up to 5 may be purchased at one time.  They are only to be used for material coming from your own house where you live (not if you are a landlord) when you didn’t pay anyone to bring the material or pay anyone to do the work that generated the material.

  • Bring your driver’s license showing Branford residency, and
  • The license plate number (marker number) of the vehicle you are borrowing/using to the Tax Collector's Office (315-0672)

Golf Cart Sticker (Pine Orchard area only)

Golf Cart Stickers are now available for a cost of $25 for up to 2 years. Expire on December 31 of the even years.

The Details about Residence Stickers:

To obtain a Resident or Beach/Park sticker in person go to the Office of the Tax Collector in Town Hall: 1019 Main Street, 1st floor, the counter on your left. Present your valid driver’s license showing your Branford address*. Present your valid motor vehicle registration showing your vehicle is registered in Branford*. The vehicle may not have commercial plates and may not be used for business. It also may not have a carrying capacity of over one ton (2000 pounds).

All taxes must be current; residents with delinquent taxes will not be issued a sticker.

Each Sticker costs $5. However, residents 65 years of age or older and Branford Volunteer Firefighters may obtain a sticker at no charge.

*For new residents moving from within Connecticut, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to submit a change of address within 48 hours, and that must be done before a Branford residence sticker is issued.  However, a trip to the DMV is not necessary: the Branford Police Station at 33 Laurel St. has change of address post cards you may mail to DMV along with a sticker to put on the back of your license.  Then turn your registration over and hand write the new Branford address on the back.  For new residents moving to Connecticut from out of state, DMV allows 30 days to change your license and 60 days to change your registration. Please contact DMV for details.

Golf Cart initial stickers require an initial inspection by a member of the Branford Police Department. Please contact the Police Department at 203-481-4241 to arrange an appointment.

While we strive to improve public service, including saving residents trips to Town Hall for routine matters, we also want residents to realize that general Branford taxes pay for the disposal of materials brought to the Branford Transfer Station, and that proving eligibility is critical to allowing only appropriate materials to come in for “free”.  We recognize the frustration of trying to save time and ending up spending more, so please follow the instructions above carefully.

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