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Garbage & Recycling Curbside Collection

Currently, there are no changes to the residential garbage and recycling curbside collections. The Town will be switching to Automated Curbside Collection starting July 1, 2023. See for more information.

The Transfer Stations remains open to Branford residents Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 7:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


The Town provides curbside garbage and recycling collection to most single family and multi-family homes. Most apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial buildings are serviced by a private hauler. 

  • Garbage and Recycling (for those receiving collection through the Town hauler) are collected on the same day, once a week.  
  • To determine the day of the week your materials are collected, please consult the neighborhood map or street list.
  • The different materials are picked up by different trucks.  
  • Collections for leaves occur on the same day as your other materials during the spring and fall. (see schedules)  

Garbage Collection Guidelines

  • It must be put out at the Town curb.
  • It must be put out by midnight before your collection day.
  • It must be put out in bags or in garbage cans no larger than 50 gallons.
  • It must not weigh more than 50 pounds per container.
  • No toters with hinged lids attached.
  • It must have handles.
  • It may contain your regular kitchen-wastebasket-type weekly garbage.
  • It may contain up to three plastic bags of yard waste
  • It must not contain leaves (collected separately).
  • It must not contain grass clippings (leave them on your lawn).
  • It must not have any recyclables in it (see below).
  • It must not contain construction or demolition material.
  • It must not contain large bulky items such as furniture, televisions.
  • It must not contain metal items or other things that won’t burn.

Recycling Collection Guidelines (please see above flyer for additional information)

The containers that go loose into the blue recycling bin are:

  • Glass bottles & jars – any color
  • Metal cans – aluminum or steel (“tin”)
  • Aluminum foil & foil pie plates
  • #1 – #7 Rigid Plastics, clear and/or colored 
  • No plastic bags or other plastic film. 

Separate your paper products (newspapers, magazines, mail, office paper, paperboard, milk cartons, juice cartons, and juice boxes. etc) into a brown paper bag or bundle with string. Then place into your blue box on top of the loose bottles and cans. No plastic bags. 

Separate your corrugated cardboard (3 layered). The cardboard should be flattened, cut into small pieces and bundled. A good rule of thumb is that the pieces be small enough that they would be able to fit into your blue recycling bins.

Before you put containers in the blue box:

  • Rinse containers enough so they won’t smell.
  • Squash the plastic jugs and cartons as best as you can (we don't want to ship air).

Before you call…

Do you have the right week?
Leaves are collected in the spring and fall, and only every other week in spring.  See above schedule.

Do you have the right day?
Was there a holiday where the transfer station was closed?  See above schedule.

Do you have the right time?
You must put materials out before midnight the night before your collection day pick up. Collection should be done by 1:30 PM. Leaves are collected by different trucks.

Is there a sticker on your container?
The hauler should put on orange sticker on trash or green sticker on recycling if it was left behind for a reason.

Is it too heavy?
We don’t accept trash cans over 50 pounds or over 50 gallons in size or without handles.  

Your blue box...
Please see the recycling flyer for our recycling guidelines
Residents no longer need to store their cardboard for the monthly large cardboard day. We are now accepting increased amounts of corrugated cardboard with your weekly recycling.


Last Updated: Thu, 04/27/2023 - 3:28pm