Public Works

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The Public Works Department provides the Town with professional and technical services which are necessary to operate and service the community. The Department administers all programs related to the transportation infrastructure and associated public open spaces.

Over one hundred miles of roadway are maintained as well as all associated drainage facilities and right of way improvements. The Department also manages the Town’s sidewalk replacement program as well as tree maintenance and plantings for the Town.

The Town Tree Warden is located within this department. 

A number of open spaces and seawalls are also maintained by the Department. 

The Department also provides services and assistance to various civic and municipal organizations to streamline costs and create efficient operations while also maximizing usage of available State and Federal grants to reduce costs where possible. 

It is the goal of this Department to provide services to the taxpayer of the Town of Branford in a timely and efficient manner.


Important Information 

Winter weather conditions present several challenges that do not exist at other times of the year. In light of the frequency and severity of the winter weather, the Branford Public Works Department wishes to remind Town businesses and residents of the shared community effort necessary to keep roads and sidewalks safe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


PARKING BAN: In an effort to keep roads and sidewalks reasonably safe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, Town Ordinances 223-1 & 223-2 identify the parking ban. Vehicles parked in violation of this ordinance may have their vehicles towed at the owner’s expense.

SIDEWALKS: Town Ordinance 216-42 identify the responsibility of every person owning or occupying any premise abutting upon a sidewalk.

CONTRACTORS: Residents are reminded that they are responsible for their contractor’s actions. Town Ordinance 216-42b prohibits snow to be placed on any public highway in such a manner as to impede or inconvenience travel on any roadways. Residents or private contractor will also be held responsible for any curb damage done as a result of plowing snow across roadways.

Maintenance of the roadways and sidewalks in a reasonably safe condition is a community effort. All the members of the Department of Public Works appreciate the cooperation provided by the residents and business of Branford in keeping our roadways safe.