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Branford Fire Department Staffing Plan:

The Branford Fire Department has developed a staffing plan to raise awareness about the critical staffing shortage caused by a decrease in volunteer personnel and an increase in service calls. The plan carefully balances recognized national standards on fire suppression staffing and deployment with our community's specific needs and fiscal responsibility. You'll find the plan informative and helpful, with live links to supporting documents and important information to help you make an informed decision about the future of the Branford Fire Department.

Visit our staffing plan website at:

Mission Statement:

The Branford Fire Department will provide the highest level of service to our community by valuing our members, promoting positive leadership, and dedicating ourselves to excellence.

Core value Statement: 

Service- We will provide the highest quality services to minimize the loss of life and/or property threatened by the hazards of the fire, explosions, medical, chemical, and rescue related emergencies, through fire suppression, code enforcement, and conscientious prevention and education.

Integrity- We will be honest, forthright, loyal, and articulate in all of our daily communications and activities. We will treat our customers, and each other with respect and courtesy at all times. We aim to create an atmosphere that encourages individual growth, participation, creativity and acknowledges the achievements of our members.

Courage- We demonstrate bravery by our selfless commitment to the citizens we serve, overcoming fear through fortitude, good judgment and strength of character.

Competence- We will strive to be proficient and optimally effective in our professional practice. We will work to continually improve, by all available means, our knowledge of the profession and our individual and collective performances to provide a high level of customer service to the members of this community.