Sustainability and Compliance Office

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In 2020, the Town of Branford established the office of Sustainability and Compliance to address our natural resources, waste and energy conservation needs and to ensure the Town is in compliance with all federal, state and local sustainability and environmental requirements. 

The purpose of the Sustainability and Compliance Manager is to work with Commissions, Authorities and Staff in ways that will:

  • Preserve the environmental integrity of our community;
  • Promote and enhance sustainability in town facilities through collaboration with other departments;
  • Encourage the use of clean, efficient energy;
  • Conserve energy and natural resources in private development as well as public investment; and
  • Support the Town’s transfer station programs for recycling, composting, waste collection and improve the public participation and use of these resources.

To advance these goals, the Sustainability and Compliance office will:

  • Develop, coordinate, implement, enforce and maintain sustainability initiatives and programs for municipal facilities and infrastructure, schools, residents, commercial and industrial areas;
  • Research, write and administers grants for solid waste, natural resources, energy conservation, storm water and coastal resiliency; and
  • Track and Monitor the Town’s energy performance and resource consumption
  • Manage passive recreation plans for the Town’s open space
  • Provide sustainability information through public speaking events, interviews, school presentations, educational programming, the Town’s website, marketing and social media.

Our Sustainability and Compliance Manager is available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Feel free to contact or visit us for information about sustainability programming.  We ask that you call ahead to make an appointment so we can set aside time to give you the attention you deserve.

The Sustainability and Compliance Manager collaborates closely with other agencies, including the Department of Public Works, Transfer Station, the Department of Finance, Town Engineer and Town Planner, as well as other community partners.

The Office supports the Branford Sustainability Task Force and the Clean Energy Ad Hoc Committee, on our energy, sustainability and natural resources initiatives and becoming a Silver certified SustainableCT community.

The Office also support’s Branford’s Coastal Vulnerability ad hoc Working Group which advises on implementation of the Town’s Coastal Resiliency Plan.