Branford Counseling & Community Services

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Branford Counseling & Community Services (“BCCS”) is a municipally-funded behavioral health and social services agency, providing services to Branford residents, both adults and children.

BCCS is the Youth Service Bureau and Social Services Department for the Town of Branford. Licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, clinical services are provided by licensed professionals.

BCCS is a Medicare and Medicaid provider and most commercial health plans are accepted.  We will work to obtain insurance with clients who do not have health insurance.

As a part of our BCCS mission, we routinely maximize treatment through collaboration with other local agencies, schools, hospitals, private practitioners, and various Town Departments.

Clinical Services

A short-term, solutions focused approach to meet the many needs of the community.

  • Individual, family, couples, and group therapy
  • Serving adults, adolescents, and children (ages 5 and older)
  • Medication management under the supervision of Board certified psychiatrists
  • Accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances
  • Provide services to all residents no matter their financial status

Crisis Intervention

  • 24/7 on-call crisis line
  • Police Social Worker who responds to crises with Branford Police
  • Urgent visits
  • Staff available for critical incidents

Social Services

Helps qualified Branford residents with:

  • Short term financial assistance with rent
  • Emergency shelter
  • Utility payments
  • Emergency fuel
  • Food and gas cards

Donations to help Branford residents in need are most appreciated.

For additional services within Connecticut visit: 2-1-1 Connecticut (

Case Management

  • Help applying for entitlement programs (disability and state benefits)
  • Help applying for health insurance
  • Connect residents to community resources
  • Provide outreach and engagement

Youth Services Bureau (YSB)

Supporting youth development with resources and programs for children, youth, and their families.

  • Youth Outreach/Mentor for at risk youth
  • Summer youth employment program
  • Juvenile Review Board
  • School mentoring programs (Motivation)
  • Drug and alcohol prevention programs

Community Events

  • Secret Santa Program
  • Pat Andriole Family Day

Funding Sources

  • Town of Branford
  • Grants
  • Private donations