Board of Fire Commissioners

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Trista Milici   Clerk 1019 Main Street (203) 315-0620    
Robert Massey, Jr. D Chair 253 Pine Orchard Road (203) 481-9974 3 Years 1/31/2027
David LaCroix R   38 Bryan Road (203) 483-6676 3 Years 1/31/2027
Kathy Fox D   8 Orchard Avenue (203) 488-8684 3 Years 1/31/2025
Paul Riccio R   12 Driscoll Road (203) 481-3113 3 Years 1/31/2025
Vacancy Clem RIP R       3 Years 1/31/2026
Jack Ahern D   172 Mill Plain Road (203) 584-1907 3 Years 1/31/2026
Capt Hal Barringham  Fire  Pension Fund   (203) 640-6730 as of 5-2-18  -- --
Dep Chief Tim Murray Fire Pension Fund     as of 5-2-18 --  --


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

SECTION 1 – There shall be a board of fire commissioners in the Town of Branford which shall consist of six electors of said town to be appointed by the selectmen within one month from the passage of this act. Two of said fire commissioners shall serve until February 1, 1926, two until February 1, 1925, and two until February 1, 1924. In the month of January, 1924, and annually thereafter, the selectmen shall appoint two fire commissioners to serve for the term of three years from February first in the year of their respective appointment and until their successors are appointed and qualified. The first selectmen shall be chairman and ex-officio of said board and shall vote only in case of a tie. Each of said commissioners shall be sworn to the faithful performance of his duties and not more than three members of said board shall at the same time be members of the same political party. Said board shall make an annual report to the selectmen which shall be published in the annual report of the town. The members of said board shall serve without compensation but the necessary expenses of the board, upon approval by a majority of the selectmen, shall be paid by the town.

SECTION 2 – Said board of fire commissioners is authorized to organize and maintain a fire department, to make all necessary rules and regulations for the control of the same and the discipline of the members thereof. The control of all apparatus, equipment and buildings owned and used by said town for fire purposes shall be under its control and management. Said board shall appoint such officers and firemen in said town as may be necessary.

SECTION 3 – Any person appointed an officer or fireman under the provisions of this act shall remain in office until removed for cause, which cause shall be only such as affects his efficiency as an officer or a fireman. If charges are filed against any officer or fireman, the same shall be in writing and such officer or fireman may file any proper answer thereto and action shall not be taken upon such charges until after reasonable notice thereof and an opportunity afforded such officer or fireman to appear before the board and be heard concerning the same.

SECTION 4 – Said board shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the hydrants used for fire purposes and the location of the same and may make suitable ordinances for their protection and care. It is authorized to license, regulate or prohibit the manufacture, keeping, sale or use of fireworks, torpedoes, firecrackers, gunpowder, petroleum, gasoline or any other explosive or inflammable substance or the conveyance thereof in or through any portion of said town.

SECTION 5 – Before passing any regulations concerning the manufacture, keeping, sale or use of any article mentioned in section 4 of this act, said board shall give to the citizens of said town a reasonable opportunity to be heard in reference thereto a meeting of said board, notice of which meeting shall be given by publishing such proposed rules and regulations and the time and place of hearing thereon, in some newspaper published in said town at least five days before the time of such meeting, which meeting may be adjourned from time to time.

SECTION 6 – Any person violating any rule or regulation made by said board under the provisions of section 4 and 5 of this act shall be fined not more than fifty dollars.

Approved, March 6, 1923