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Adopt a Shelter Animal

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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our shelter animals. The Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter wants to make certain that every animal adopted goes to a loving and caring home and has enacted the following policies in accordance with CT State law CGS 22-332b.

Learn about Connecticut Animal Control Laws 

Please read all adoption guidelines thoroughly:

  • Impounding and disposition of roaming, injured or mistreated dogs — No animal shall be adopted unless they satisfy the criteria of the municipal animal control officers.
  • Animals will not be adopted on a first come, first served basis!
  • Animals with numerous applications shall be adopted to the appropriate home, NOT to the first application.
  • It does not matter how many other applications are prior to yours, please do not ask the volunteers to disclose this information.
  • Applications that are not accurately completed, including the time, date, and signature, will not be considered a serious inquiry.
  • Shelter staff will be the only people who make the decisions to approve applicants.
  • References are checked and home visits may be applicable prior to an officer's approval. Animals will NOT be held for adopters past their adoption date.

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Our Adoption Application asks a number of detailed questions. We ask that you be as thorough as possible in order to make our screening process effective. Please note that we reserve the right to contact two references including a previous or current veterinarian to help us in our decision making process. The Town of Branford Animal Shelter reserves the right to refuse any adoption application. .

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