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Assessor's Timeline

Jan. 31 Grand List to be signed.
Feb. 31 Grand List signed if extension is granted.
Feb. 1 -
May 15
Filing period for Elderly /Disabled Homeowner's Program-(form M-35H)
Feb. 1 - 20 Deadline for receipt by Board of Assessment Appeals of written appeals. Deadline is March 20th if Town has received extension for filing Grand List.
Mar. 1 Deadline for Board of Assessment Appeals to notify appellants of hearings dates.
Mar. 15 Freeze and Elderly Homeowners deadline for acceptance by mail and/or filing period.
Jun. 1 Income and Expense Statements due.
Sep. Board of Assessment Appeals hold one session - Motor Vehicle Appeals Only.
Sep. 30 Honorable Discharge Papers - filing deadline with Town Clerk 1st, Assessor's Office 2nd
Nov. 1 Filing deadline Personal Property Declarations. (M15) Quadrennial Filing Tax Exempt Property and Supplemental Tax Exempt Property. (M-3 and M-4)
Dec. 31 Active Servicemen affidavit for exemption of one Motor Vehicle garaged outside of state - Filing Deadline


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