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Main Street Reconstruction-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ will be updated throughout the project.  Please check back periodically for new information!

1. What are the goals of this project?

  1. The Main Street Reconstruction project’s primary aim is to enhance the connectivity and public safety of the corridor by taking a Complete Street approach to design while considering the historical context of the downtown and need to support local businesses. Complete Street concepts ensure safe access throughout the corridor by improving the public realm’s support of every mode of transportation (walking, biking, taking the bus, and driving).

2. What type of improvements will the design team consider?

  1. The Main Street Reconstruction project will:
    • Repave and Upgrade the Roadway: remove buried trolley tracks, replace all the deteriorating pavement, fix uneven crosswalks, improve signage, and enhance and introduce traffic calming measures.
    • Improve Accessibility and Mobility for all Users: consider bicycle chevrons (pavement markings), reach American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, and improve pedestrian signaling at crosswalks.
    • Consider Ideas for Refreshing Existing Streetscapes: dining spaces, bicycle parking, lighting upgrades can be considered.
    • Update Stormwater: Use green infrastructure (like rain gardens and tree box filters) to improve water quality, help reduce urban flooding, and meet MS4 permitting requirements.

3. How is this project being funded?

  1. In February 2020, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) approved the Board of Finance’s recommendations to provide temporary construction funding to improve and rebuild the Main Street. The construction costs of the project will be reimbursed through the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP). The design portion of the project was funded through the Town’s capital budget.

4. How can I learn more about the Main Street improvements?

  1. Check out our main page with more information. We plan to make regular updates with links to resources. We will also be having several meetings and information sessions. Follow us on social media or continue to check the town’s calendar.

5. Why is construction scheduled now?  Why not during the shutdown?

  1. Funding was approved by the Town’s Board of Finance and RTM in early 2020; however, we were not able to obtain funding through DOT and SCRCOG until late 2020, and an increase in funding in the summer of 2022.  While we would have preferred to have construction occur while everything was shut down, the funding was not available.

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