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The Branford Police Department is led by Chief Jon Mulhern.



Department administration consists of a staff of 2 captains and 5 lieutenants.
Together, they oversee the daily operations of the police department. The tasks performed by this group of dedicated managers and planners range from creating the daily detail and maintaining the physical plant to administering the department’s complex computer systems.



Our highly skilled patrol division is the backbone of the police department. Patrol is initially responsible for all calls and the majority of community contact. In addition to criminal investigations, the patrol division also conducts all traffic enforcement and investigation in the town. The patrol division is comprised of 6 Sergeants and 30 Police Officers.


The Branford Police Department Detective Division is charged with the responsibility of investigating felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within its jurisdiction. The Division is responsible for the identification, apprehension, interrogation, prosecution of offenders, case clearance and the processing of stolen and recovered property. Detectives also investigate non-criminal activity, such as missing persons and juvenile related matters.

The Division also investigates Juvenile/Sex Crimes; Robbery/Homicide; Assaults and provides Forensic Services to the department. The bureau handles Residential and Commercial Burglaries, Computer Crimes, Thefts, Economic Crimes and the service of Arrest Warrants. Investigators also process crime scenes forensically and serve outstanding arrest warrants.


The Problem Oriented Policing Office engages in community problem-solving. This division of the police department works closely with the public to develop creative solutions to policing problems by using problem-solving methods based on the most current research in policing.


The crime analysis office uses predictive analytics and statistical information to direct policing efforts in the Town of Branford. It is the mission of the crime analysis office to prevent crime. 
To paraphrase policing scholar, George Kelling “It should be the mission of every police department to prevent the next crime.”


The traffic division is responsible for lowering the occurrence of motor vehicle wrecks in the Town of Branford. This division fields traffic interventions which are data-driven and designed to modify driver behaviors. During the last 3 years, the department has successfully reduced citizens’ chances of being involved in a wreck by 80%.


Telecommunications is the nerve center of the department. Be assured that you will get a professional Telecommunicator every time you call for assistance. All of our telecommunicators are certified through The State of Connecticut, PowerPhone, and are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). Our fully computerized, central communications center provides police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch for all citizens and visitors of Branford.


The records division archives all written reports and documentation generated by investigations the department conducts. 
Investigative and accident reports may be obtained by stopping by the police department or calling 203-315-3900. Our records division is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
For more information about obtaining police reports and records, Click Here


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