Affordable Housing Plan Documents


Below is a link to the 2022-2027 Affordable Housing Plan for Branford adopted on  May 19, 2022. The preparation and adoption of an Affordable Housing Plan by June 1, 2022 is required by Section 8-30j of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Preparation of this Affordable Housing Plan was a collaborative effort by an Affordable Housing Steering Committee, Town Staff, and a consultant working over several months. This collaboration was assisted by Branford residents who participated in an on-line survey and by David Fink and the South Central Regional Council of Governments who facilitated a community discussion about affordable housing.

It is also includes final review and modifications by the Planning and Zoning Commission after a Public Hearing held on May 19, 2022.

Also provided below are links to booklets prepared during the course of the development of this plan that contain (1) an introduction to the topic of Affordable Housing, state authority and other legal concerns as well as a description of the process used in developing the plan, (2) background information on housing needs and supply in Branford and available Affordable Housing, and (3) the results of an on-line public survey conducted last fall.