Branford Community Tree Request

The Community Forestry Commission (CFC) is collecting requests for trees from the community to assist with our tree planting strategy for calendar year 2021 and beyond. Our goal is to keep Branford a forested community and we need your assistance to collect this information.

Complete the form below to place a request for a tree on town property.

The tree request types are:
1) Replacements of Storm Damaged Trees
2) Memorial Trees
3) New Tree Plantings

The CFC cannot guarantee that all tree requests will be fulfilled. By entering your request a total number of trees will be identified, by location, and plantings can be prioritized in the upcoming years.

Please note: We prioritize planting of native species.

Thank you for your assistance,

Branford CFC
We <3 Trees

* Required

Please be specific for the location of the tree request. Include the measurement from the road, or other prominent feature, and include if there are powerlines above or any other consideration such as line of sight for motor vehicle traffic.
Are you willing to pay for the tree requested? Tree prices can ranges from $250.00 - $700.00 depending on type and size.
Please select from the list of options, which tree species you would like planted. In the event that your species choice is unavailable, we will contact you about selecting an alternate species from the list.