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Use this form to submit request(s) for the Community Calendar.

The Community Calendar is intended to be used for non-profit civic groups to display non commercial events at the discretion of the Town of Branford. The Town of Branford reserves the right to refuse or discontinue posting of any submission at any time, for any reason. Submission by way of this form does not guarantee the item(s) will be posted. ALL submissions will be reviewed for content and appropriateness before posting. Submissions should be made with enough advance time to allow for review and in consideration of staff's schedule. The Town of Branford, it's staff and webmaster are not responsible for typographical errors in dates, times or content. Nor are they responsible for damages of any kind as a result of typographical error, omissions or inclusions.



It is the Town of Branford's policy to aggressively scan all incoming email and attachments for viruses, spam and inappropriate content or language. Suspect messages are quarantined, and delivery to the recipient is delayed or rejected without notice. In the event you submit a request by email, your email is subject to preventative scanning measures as described. It is the obligation of the SENDER to ensure an acceptable request is received by the Town. The Town of Branford assumes no responsibility for issues related to the electronic submission of requests. The pop-up screen that will appear after you press submit, is sent before the e-mail process. That screen does not confirm the e-mail passed scanning measures. It only indicates the server processed your request and sent the e-mail. No submission will be considered without valid contact information. Fields marked with the red star are required fields and MUST be completed. Confirmation of reciept of this request will only be made by e-mail.