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Community Message

November 9, 2021

Housing Survey

For the next few weeks, the Town of Branford will be conducting a community survey about housing needs in Branford and possible housing strategies for the future.  

The Town is looking at the current and anticipated future housing needs in Branford.  The survey is an opportunity for Branford residents to provide input about their housing experiences and feedback about alternative housing options that could be considered for Branford.  Community input and feedback will enhance these efforts.

The survey can be accessed from the front page of the Town’s website ( or directly through the following link:

  • The survey should only take 5-7 minutes to complete and will help the Town of Branford plan for the future of the community for decades to come.  The survey will be open for responses through Sunday December 5th.
  • It is anticipated that the survey will be used by local boards, agencies, and staff for future planning purposes. 
  • Branford residents are encouraged to participate in the survey to help ensure that we understand community goals.
  • Please contact the Planning & Zoning office if you have any questions or have any difficulty accessing the survey.

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