Fall Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection Fall 2020

Fall leaf pick-up is once a week from October 19th thru December 17th 2020 on your regular pick-up day. On Thanksgiving, collection will be delayed until Friday, 11/27. Please keep in mind the Transfer Station will remain open 11/27 and 11/28. Make sure that leaves are out the night before your collection day! Leaves must be placed in brown paper leaf bags or loose in garbage cans. Never place leaves in plastic bags! Even if the bags claim to be biodegradable, leaves placed in plastic bags will not be picked up! Pick up all litter first and never mix leaves with rocks, soil, branches or other debris. Leaves should never be raked into the street, piled at the curb, or placed in wetlands, streams, drains OR Land Trust property. Paper leaf bags are available for purchase at many Branford retailers including Big Y, Caron’s Corner, Richlin’s, Super Stop & Shop, Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart. Leaves can be brought to the compost site behind the transfer station at any time of year! A Branford Residence Sticker is required.