Center Revitalization Review Board

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The Town Center Revitalization Review Board (TCRRB) meets monthly to review zoning applications for proposed commercial uses, structures and signage within the designated Town Center Village District.  Created by the Branford Representative Town Meeting in 1986 to advise the Board of Selectmen on the implementation of the Town Center Revitalization construction project, the TCRRB was later designated by the Planning and Zoning Commission as the design review board for the Town Center.  In this role, the Review Board advises the Planning and Zoning Commission on applications for signs, facades, parking, streetscape, landscaping, and other activities subject to zoning review. Section 5.2 of the Branford Zoning Regulations describes the purpose, activities covered, procedures, application requirements, and standards for the Town Center Village District.

The Town Center Revitalization Review Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month, at 8:30 a.m., in the Town Hall basement conference room.

Meeting Schedule

Meeting materials may be viewed at the Town’s Dropbox account at A recording of the meeting will also be viewable after the meeting at the same Dropbox account.

Phil Carloni D   28 Pawson Road (203) 488-6984 3 Years 3/31/2023
Tricia Bohan-Ridinger U   11 Parker Place (203) 488-1586 3 Years 3/31/2023
Schuyler Coulter U   28 Brocketts Point Road (203) 488-0798 3 Years 3/31/2023
John Herzan U   35 Flying Point Road (203) 481-0377 3 Years 3/31/2024
Anthony Terry     117 Northford Road (203) 488-4694 3 Years 3/31/2024
Terence Elton D   172 Hotchkiss Grove Road  (203) 488-1231 3 Years 3/31/2025
Norbert Church U Chair 250 W Main St, PO Box 927, Branford (203) 488-0300 3 Years 3/31/2025