The Town of Branford has two committees that have a seat filled by a commissioner from the Branford Conservation and Environment Commission.

Scenic Roads Advisory Committee – Rt. 146, Rt. 77

This committee was established to provide oversight in maintaining the aesthetic qualities of Route 146 in Branford and Route 77 in Guilford.  Both roads were designated “Scenic Roads” by the Connecticut legislature in 1987.  In December of 1996, a Corridor Management Plan was developed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation and a committee was created, composed of members from both towns. The Committee continues to oversee activities on the roads, to preserve their scenic qualities, to enhance communication between Branford and Guilford and the Department of Transportation, and to provide advice to the various boards and commissions of the towns.  Copies of the Routes 146 and 77 Corridor Management Plan can be reviewed at the Planning and Zoning Department.

In 1999, the Scenic Roads Advisory Committee obtained a grant of over $250,000 for improvements to the area along the Branford River at Montowese Street on Route 146, now called the Branford River Gateway.  As a result, the sidewalks in the area were replaced and extended, a new vehicle pull-off was established (also called Anderson Lookout), and extensive planting of the area with native shrubs was accomplished.  All of these improvements were designed to emphasize the natural setting adjacent to the beautiful 40-acre salt marsh flushed by the strong tidal flow of the Branford River.

Select Committee for Open Space Acquisition                

The Select Committee for Open Space Acquisition (SCOSA) is one of the means by which the Town of Branford increases its open space by acquiring for-sale properties in town and making the property available for public use. One member of the Commission is assigned to this committee. The Committee meets ad hoc to review potential property purchases.

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