Letter to The Federal Aviation Administration 

In June 2022, The Commission sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration urging that they conduct an Environment Impact Assessment concerning the proposed expansion of Tweed Airport. 

Click here for letter to the FAA.


Natural Resource Inventory

The Natural Resource Inventory (NRI), mandated by the State of Connecticut, indexes a municipality’s committed and uncommitted open space, water resource areas, natural and cultural areas designated for preservation, as well as potential wildlife corridors.

An NRI must be completed every 10 years. 

The Branford Conservation and Environment Commission has recently completed the ten-year update to the Natural Resources Inventory document which details the current state of waterways, open space, plant and animal life, developments in sustainability, and much more within our town.  This updated report marks a departure in format from the comprehensive narrative reports of the previous years 2003 and 2013.  The Commission engaged GZA Engineering, a national environmental engineering firm with offices in Connecticut, to create a digital report with interactive GIS mapping and links to additional resources which can easily be added to and updated.  Our hope is that this will be a resource for naturalists, planners, and educators, as well as serve as a model for other towns in developing their own NRI reports.

Click on this link to watch a one hour Zoom recorded (April 3, 2024) roll out session with the Conservation and Environment Commission and key members of the GZA Engineering team who will introduce the new NRI, explain its applications, and instruct us in how to navigate through the topics. 

Click here for Natural Resource Inventory  (Updated 2024)

Click here for the Natural Resouce Inventory (older version updated 2013, as use for additional reference)


Plan of Conservation & Development

The Plan of Conservation & Development (POCD) is a state-mandated document prepared and adopted by a municipality to establish a common vision for the future of a community. The POCD then is used to guide policies that will help attain that vision. 

Each municipality must prepare or amend, and then adopt, a POCD at least every 10 years. The Commission makes recommendations for conservation activities that are included in our POCD. Branford’s most recent POCD was adopted January 17, 2019.

Click here for The Plan of Conservation and Development


Annual Reports

The Commission keeps records of meetings and activities and makes an annual report to the municipality.

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