Stony Creek Architectural Review Board

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The Stony Creek Village Zoning District and the attendant Guidelines provide a basis for maintaining the character and balance of the Village embodied in the scale, rhythm and architectural elements of its buildings both residential and commercial.

On November 20, 2014, The Branford Planning and Zoning Commission designated Stony Creek as a Village District, adopting the Village District Amendment and the Design Guidelines that had been drafted by a committee of the Stony Creek Association with assistance from Robert Orr & Associates LLC and support from the CT Trust for Historic Preservation. 

The amendment mandated the subsequent creation of the Stony Creek Architectural Review Board to review new construction or reconstruction in excess of 3500 gross square footage and any construction requiring a site plan or special exception approval.

The Review Board consists of five members whose backgrounds are in architecture, construction, and historic preservation.  The Town Planner and the Assistant Town Planner are also present at the monthly meetings.  The design review process provides an advisory but influential, professional and unbiased recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission.  It can also provide guidance to residents/business owners prior to submission of an application at no cost.

The purpose of the review is to determine if the architectural character of the proposed building or modification is harmoniously related to its surroundings in the community with no adverse impact on existing patterns of Stony Creek.  Further, that, significant characteristics of distinctive buildings are integrated into the building and site design of new construction or reconstruction when possible.

The Board will look at:

  • Reflection of the mass and scale of neighboring buildings;
  • Use of building materials compatible with neighboring structures;
  • Use of bays, wings and secondary attached buildings to minimize the visual impact of large floor plans;
  • Incorporation of neighboring architectural features and roof lines;
  • Orientation and visibility of entrances from the street;
  • Architectural trim and detailing at corners, windows, doors, bays;
  • Landscape features;
  • Placement of mechanical equipment that is neighbor friendly and street friendly;
  • Placement and direction of lighting features;

The Review Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month.  Please bring your plans and material samples if available, to the meeting.  The Board encourages questions, discussion or informal pre-submission meetings to look at sketches or concepts prior to formal submission and review.

Meeting Schedule

Greg Ames U  Chairman 273 Thimble Island Road (203) 483-9528 or

(203) 710-9665

5 Years 5/31/2024
Elizabeth Wieland D   282 Thimble Island Road   5 Years  5/31/2023
John Herzan U   35 Flying Point Road (203) 481-0377 5 Years 5/31/2024
Sam Kirby U  Secretary 305 Thimble Island Road (203) 710-9150 5 Years 5/31/2024
William Murray U   65 Thimble Island Road (203) 415-9661 5 Years 5/31/2023