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Information for Parents

Branford Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking 

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Did you know? 61% of teen drinking in Connecticut occurs at house parties.

When Your Child Attends A Party:

  • Be sure the hosting parents provide proper supervision and that alcohol is not served or consumed.
  • Set and enforce a curfew.
  • Arrange safe transportation to and from the party.
  • Be awake when your child arrives home.
  • Check!!!! Be observant of your teens' behaviors.
  • Watch the premise at all times to ensure that alcohol is not being served or consumed.
  • Limit the number of guests, know who is invited and enforce a "no-crashing" policy.
  • Do not allow guests to leave and then return to the party.
  • Notify parents or police if teens arrive at the party under the influence of alcohol.

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