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The Branford Community Foundation is pleased to have funded the development and latest update of this Resource Guide to Social Services in Branford. We all know Branford is a generous community whose citizen reach out to their neighbors in many diverse ways. But few of us, I suspect, realize how many different social service organizations there are in town. In fact, excluding regional, state and federal social service agencies, there are still over 32 organizations in town dedicated to improving the lives of Branford's residents. Now, through the efforts of many caring individuals in town, the names, addresses, phone numbers and service offerings of these organizations can be found in one convenient place.

The idea for this Guide resulted from discussions among members of the Community Social Service Network, a group of representatives from various social service providers in town. the group realized that while they might be able to pick up the phone and ask each other for help in finding assistance for one individual or family, such resource information was needed by many more people in town who did not know how to find it. We hope the availability of this Guide has changed that and these organizations have become for accessible to all those in Branford who need their services.

The Guide is divided into 17 sections, each of which highlights resources available in a targeted area. Detailed descriptions of the primary service providers in each area are provided. In addition, both shorter descriptions of frequently used local and regional organizations and cross references to agencies detailed in other sections are provided.

Every attempt has been made to make this Guide as complete as possible. However, should you have any additions or suggestions you feel should be included in the next edition of this Guide, please contact Maria Storm, Project Director, c/o Branford Counseling Center, 342 Harbor Street, Branford, CT 06405, (203) 481-4248.

Claire Bennitt
President, Branford Community Foundation
January 2006

A note from the Town of Branford website:

We would like to thank the people responsible for A Resource Guide To Social Services in Branford 2006, for allowing us the opportunity to publish the guide on-line here in this format. This would of course include, the Branford Community Foundation, Maria Storm, Project Director, Pat Andriole and Dagmar Ridgeway from the Project Committee and Words by Jen, Branford CT who designed the original and the great volunteers who saw a need and sought to fill it.

Thank You


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