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Main Street Reconstruction



Main Street was last reconstructed in the early 1990’s and the roadway elements have reached their useful life. Abandoned trolley tracks, utility cuts, age, and local drainage issues have led to the deterioration of Main Street, requiring a full-depth reconstruction. The new construction will occur from South Main Street (Rte. 146) to Chestnut Street and within the existing roadway width from curb to curb not including the sidewalks. However, ADA accessibility and other improvements to the sidewalks and crosswalks will be updated where necessary.

The reconstruction project has been approved by South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) for Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LoTCIP) funding.


You may have noticed that construction within the project area has already begun. The Town has been working with the utility owners (water and natural gas) to replace existing infrastructure prior to the roadway reconstruction. This coordination will ensure the longevity of the Town’s efforts to rehabilitate the roadway. Preliminary design for the reconstruction has begun and final design drafts are anticipated by the end of 2021. There will be several opportunities for residents, business owners, and those interested in the project to review draft designs in the upcoming months. We'll continuously update this webpage with new updates under the How to Get Involved Section.

Construction will begin in the Spring of 2022 and is anticipated to finish by Winter 2022.


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