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Land Records

Branford Town Clerk's office accepts land record documents to be submitted electronically (eRecording) - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

eRecording increases service to all interested parties, improves information flow, and eliminates the packaging and delivery costs associated with recording paper documents.  The ability to eRecord reduces delays, saves time, and reduces costs by eliminating the need for an express courier, or a trip to the Town Clerk's office to submit documents.  We work in partnership with Cott Systems, our land records software solutions provider and the following eRecording vendors:  Simplifile, CSC, Indecomm and ePN.  (At this time, transactions requiring an OP-236 State Conveyance Tax Form cannot be accepted via eRecording.)

Link to Land Records Here: RECORDhub
DRS Update 4/20/2017:  CT Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return Information
Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return-Fillable Forms
Land records indicate the ownership of real property within the Town. When a property transfers ownership from one entity to another, the recording of that transaction takes place in the Town Clerk's office. Mortgages, financing statements, liens, attachments, releases of mortgages, and other related documents are also filed on the Land Records.  In-person recording hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Recording fees are $60 for the first page of any document and $5 for each additional page of that document.  Fees for recording are set by State Statute.
To find the owner of a property where only the address is known, begin at the Assessor’s office to obtain the field card which will provide the "Book and Page" where the transaction was recorded, then come to the Town Clerks office for a copy of that deed.
Some properties may be included in a subdivision map or other survey. To see if your property has been surveyed, come to the office to look at the index to maps and surveys.
Copies of deeds, mortgages, liens, etc, are $1 per page, with an additional $2 for certification.

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