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Inland Wetlands COVID-19 Update

Town Hall has reopened to the public.  For the health and safety of all, visitors are required to wear face coverings and observe social distancing when visiting Town Hall.  Staff still reamains available to answer questions and concerns via email or phone.  In addition to submitting applications in person at the Inalnd Wetlands and Natural Resources Office on the second floor of Town Hall, applications may also be sumbitted by mail or the Land Use drop off location located within Town Hall’s front entrance.  If you can, please also email your materials to to assist in the review process.  If you are planning to submit an application please contact us to discuss the process and let us know when & how the application is being submitted.


Executive Orders that affect the Inland Wetland Agency

Executive Order 7B (Part 1- Suspension of In-Person Open Meeting Requirements)

Executive Order 7I (Part 19 - Suspension, Modification and Clarification of Certain Municipal Procedural Requirements and Time Limitations Regarding Notice, Commencement and Holding of Public Hearings, Decisions, and Appeals)



All application forms can be found on the Inland Wetlands and Natural Resources Department webpage - 'Agency Forms' link  on the right side of the page or click here.

If you are leaving an application at the Land Use drop off location within Town Hall entrance please make sure that all materials are clearly labeled and packaged such that materials will remain together as much as possible.  Upon receipt of your application an Inland Wetland staff member will contact you to confirm receipt and discuss whether any additional materials are required and what the review process will be.

The office will only accept checks during this time.  Checks should be made out to “Town of Branford”

Payments and applications can be sent to:

Town of Branford

Attn: Inland Wetlands

1019 Main Street

PO Box 150

Branford, CT 06405


Inland Wetland Commission Meetings

To slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all Inland Wetland Commission meetings will be held as virtual meetings pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7B through Zoom.

  • Information on joining the meeting can be found on the agenda for the meeting which will be posted on the Town website at least 24 hours prior to the meeting here.
  • Meetings will be held through Zoom, for more information on Zoom please go to their website:
  • Meetings can be accessed through computer, mobile device or phone
  • We are working with Branford Community Television (BCTV) and hope to have meetings also available to view on their Comcast channel 20 and streaming live via their BCTV Facebook page.  
  • Minutes will continue to be available within 7 days after the meeting on this page.
  • Materials relative to the meeting can be found here.  Materials will be added as available with the aim to make sure all documents are added at least 24 hours prior to the meeting per Executive Order. 
  • Due to the changes in notice requirements allowed pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7I, enacted March 21, 2020, all public notices, including but not limited to public hearing notices, notices of decision, and notices of proposed changes to adopted regulations will now be posted online.  The online posting of these notices shall replace publication of such notices in The Sound newspaper.
    • Notices of things that will occur at meetings (i.e. public hearings) will be uploaded to the same location as meeting agendas.
    • Notices of things that occurred at meetings (i.e. decisions) will be uploaded to the same location as meeting minutes.
  • A recording of the meeting will be available within 7 days of the meeting here.

If you have any questions please send an email to or call our office at 203-315-0675

Thank you and be healthy,

Town of Branford Inland Wetlands Department

Last Updated: Tue, 10/13/2020 - 3:10pm