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Agency Forms

Click here for more information on the application process.

If you're using digital fill forms, be sure to download the form so you are able to sign it using a verified signature.

Required Application Materials:

Not Sure if an Application is Required or Want Confirmation that a Permit Isn't Required?

  • Fill out this Questionnaire/Sign Off Form and submit to the Duly Authorized Agent: .pdf OR digital fill.

After a Permit is Granted:

  • Applications that receive a permit may require that the Contractor's Acknowledgement form is on file before work commences. Your permit will indicate whether this form is required. Contractor's Acknowledgement Form: .pdf OR .doc (digital fill)

Additional Forms:

List of Soil Scientists:

In Connecticut

Across New England

Request to Renew/Extend Permit: 

Request for Jurisdictional Ruling: 

  • The Agency determines its jurisdiction; use the form below for an Agency ruling that your proposed activity is As of Right per CGS 22a-40(a) or Permitted Non-Regulated Use per CGS 22a-40(b). .pdf OR digital fill

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