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Agency Forms

Application Materials:

Click here for more information on the application process.

Required Application Materials:

Not Sure if an Application is Required or Want Confirmation that a Permit Isn't Required?

  • Fill out this Questionnaire/Sign Off Form and submit to the Duly Authorized Agent: .pdf OR .doc (digital fill)

After a Permit is Granted:

  • Applications that receive a permit may require that the Contractor's Acknowledgement form is on file before work commences. Your permit will indicate whether this form is required.

Additional Forms:

Request to Renew/Extend Permit: 

  • Request to renew must be submitted prior to a regularly scheduled meeting that takes place prior to permit expiration. A permit cannot be extended longer than the statutes provide for. .pdf OR .doc (digital fill)

Request for Jurisdictional Ruling: 

  • The Agency determines its jurisdiction; use the form below for an Agency ruling that your proposed activity is As of Right per CGS 22a-40(a) or Permitted Non-Regulated Use per CGS 22a-40(b). .pdf OR .doc (digital fill)

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