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COVID-19 Operations Plan Summary


Zoning approval of activity requiring a Building Permit:

Is done through the Building Department. See the directions under their department for how to proceed.


Applications for development, uses and variances:

Forms are available on the Town’s website (Planning and Zoning Department page) grouped by the two different boards – Zoning Board of Appeals (for variances) and Planning and Zoning Commission (for development projects and new uses) under “Applications, Regulations and Fees.”

Fees are listed on the department web page and need to submitted by check through the mail.  Checks need to be attached to identifying information regarding the application (address, tax map/block/lot number, etc.) and preferably attached to a copy of the application form.  We cannot accept electronic forms of payment at this time.

Submittal of Applications can be done through email (for applications with a minimal number of documents) or through a Drop Box™ account (would need to be done through arrangement with staff – email listed below). The date of electronic receipt will be considered the legal Date of Submission of the application. Hardcopies of application forms (with original signatures) and the full number of paper copies (depends on the application type - see application forms on webpage) will still be needed before applications can be scheduled for review.  Hardcopies may be mailed or left as a physical dropbox located in vestibule at Town Hall.

Questions about properties, complaints about possible zoning violations, etc. : Are preferred by email (these can be responded to more quickly) or by phone.

Contact information: 

Harry Smith, Town Planner                                       


Phone:  203-488-1255




Last Updated: Wed, 03/18/2020 - 4:00pm