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Plan of Conservation & Development (POCD)

Adopted 2019 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD)
Effective Feb.  1, 2019

Adopted POCD 2019

POCD Update Documents Previously Posted

Proposed POCD For Public Hearing 1/17/2019
POCD Steering Committee Draft 9-27-18

Additional documents can be found at the bottom of the page. 

2008 Plan of Conservation and Development

Branford POCD Final Plan 2008
2008 POCD 5 Year Status Report

About Plans of Conservation & Development

A Plan of Conservation and Development is a document whose purpose is to establish a common vision for the future of a community and then determine policies that will help attain that vision.  While its key purpose and function is to address the physical development of a community, it will often address issues related to the economic development and social development.

Why Plan?

Branford is affected by events and trends in the region, the nation, and the world.  Changes outside of our control in population, housing, the economy, transportation, utility, business and regulatory changes affect us. 

In fact, we cannot stop change from happening.

In an increasingly hectic world, planning provides the opportunity to:

  • focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and identify significant goals,
  • promote overall values and achieve important purposes.
  • coordinate efforts and produce consistent results
  • achieve efficiency and economy in implementation

The goals and recommendations of the Plan are intended to reflect an overall consensus of what is considered desirable for Branford and its residents in the future. 

A Plan of Conservation and Development becomes an official document after a public hearing and adoption by the Branford Planning and Zoning Commission.  Once adopted, the Plan is used to:

  • coordinate conservation activities,
  • guide land use decisions and regulations,
  • program public projects, and
  • meet identified public needs.

However, it is important to note that the Plan of Conservation and Development is primarily an advisory document.  It is intended to guide local boards and commissions and to provide a framework for consistent decision-making with regard to conservation and development activities in Branford over the next decade or so. 

While the statutory responsibility to adopt the Plan rests with the Planning and Zoning Commission, implementation will only occur with the diligent efforts of the residents and officials of the Town of Branford.  The Plan will only be effective if it is understood and supported by the people of Branford, and implemented by local boards and commissions.

Prior Branford Plans

Branford has a history of preparing and adopting Plans of Development and these plans have:

  • influenced the current development patterns and land use regulations and in Branford, and
  • helped guide the overall conservation and development of the community. 

Thus, it can be seen that Branford has prepared, adopted, and amended Plans to address the appropriate conservation and development of the community.  It is in that spirit that this Plan will be prepared.


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