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Miscellaneous Items


The Transfer Station is happy to announce that we now host a mattress and box spring recycling container.  Residents may bring their mattress or box spring to the Transfer Station for free disposal.  The mattresses cannot be excessively wet, severely twisted or crushed, infested with bed bugs, or exceptionally soiled or moldy.  We ask residents to stack their mattress in the container to maximize the limited container space.  This program is available through the Mattress Recycling Council, please visit their website for additional information.

Plastic Film Recycling

The Solid Waste & Recycling Department would like to remind you that plastic bags and film are still NOT acceptable in your curbside recycling bins as collecting them with bottles and containers generally leaves them too dirty and wet to be recycled. Additionally, bags and films (Plastic film is thin polyethylene plastic used for wraps, packaging or commercial/retail use bags. It's sometimes called stretch film. Polyethylene (PE) film may carry a #2 HDPE or #4 LDPE mark) can jam sorting machinery, creating problems for the businesses that sort recyclables. You can bring them to the many plastic film recycling bins located at a number of local grocery stores and retail chain stores. 

Can I recycle it if...?
The plastic is colored? 
YES. Colored material is not a problem for recycling. 

It tears like paper? 
NO. This type of plastic is currently not accepted .

It crinkles loudly (like candy wrappers, flower bouquet wrap or chip bags) when I mash it in my hand? 
NO. As it is not currently acceptable for recycling. 

It has labels or tape? 
YES, but labels, tape, and adhesive strips SHOULD BE REMOVED prior to recycling.

It is thicker, stiff plastic like pet food bags or bedding bags (including anything with a zipper)? 
NO. These are not the same type of plastic as what recyclers want.

It is silvery or metallic (like some snack packaging or printer ink cartridge packages)? 
NO. This is not acceptable.
If it says it's degradable or compostable AND recyclable? NO. Currently, these bags cannot be placed in drop-off bins. The recyclers reprocessing bags don't want the products they are making to degrade over time so these bags are not acceptable. 

It is dirty, has crumbs, or is wet? 
NO. Recyclers need the bags and film to be CLEAN and DRY. Please don't include dirty or wet bags, or any material that has food or other residues. If in doubt, throw it out! 

Over 89 billion plastic bags, sacks, and wraps are used every year. Plastic bags can be recycled into many products. Most plastic bags are recycled into composite lumber but can also be reprocessed into small pellets, or post-consumer resin, which can become feed stock for a variety of products...such as new bags, pallets, containers, crates and pipe. 

Again, plastic bags cannot be recycled with your curbside recycling. But they can be recycled at the many of the local grocery stores and large chain stores in and around Branford.  Please see the above list of acceptable materials or go to for additional information and drop off locations.

Textiles: Don't Judge, Just Donate

Your clothing and textile items do not have to be in gently used condition to donate. They simply need to be clean and dry to be recycled.

The average person disposes of 70lbs of clothing per year- and 95% of textiles (even those worn, torn, or stained) can be recycled! You can even donate a single shoe or a holey sock. The soles of shoes are used to make paving materials and the socks become stuffing for pillows or animal beds. 

While half of the deposits are reused as clothing, the remainder is recycled into rags, seat stuffing and/or insulation. The State estimates that 4% of all MSW is textiles; in Branford that equates to 500 tons (costing over $30,000 in disposal costs). All of these materials are recyclable and we encourage you to please use one of the clothing deposit boxes located at the Transfer Station or those scattered about Town. Please see the above flyer for charity drop-off locations.

Boat Disposal

Only small personal watercraft (less than 10') i.e. canoes, kayaks, dinghies are accepted at the Transfer Station. Please call with any questions or concerns.

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