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Thimble Islands Collection

Welcome back for another season of collection on the Islands! And welcome to Thimble Islands Ferry Company, LLC to serve as our collection contractor. The schedules, methods, and materials are the same as last year, but recycling is a little different than onshore, so please read this letter and additional material carefully. Collections are weekly between May and October. During the main season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) collection of garbage is on Mondays and Thursdays, and recyclables is on Thursdays.

The Town provides twice-a-week garbage and once-a-week recyclable collection directly to you. The dumpsters at the Trap Rock Dock are for use only by the town collector. Use of these dumpsters by the public may result in loss of our privileges to use this donated space and subjects you to possible fines.

Please review the recycling flyer for a list of what to recycle. Bottles and cans must always be in plastic bags so they can get them in and out of the boat. Please be considerate of the collector and use plastic bags thick enough that they won’t break from the weight of the garbage or recyclables you put in them.

Thimble Island Ferry Company might not always pick up in the mornings, but instead follow the high tide schedule. Recyclables must be at the dock in your blue box the night before your recycling day. There is no change in where you must put your trash or recyclables. The boat will not stop if there are no materials in sight, and will not make special trips if you miss a pick-up. Please confine any dogs which might interfere with the collector.

If you have large quantities of materials to dispose of, or any quantity of construction or demolition debris, you must take these materials to the Branford Transfer Station yourself (as any inland resident would also have to do). If you hire contractors to do work for you, make it their responsibility to remove waste materials from the island and dispose of them. Brush should also go directly to the Transfer Station. Free wood chips and compost are usually available at the Transfer Station; please bring your own container and shovels.

Transfer Station & Recycling Center: Address: 747 East Main Street Phone: (203) 315-0622
Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:15 am - 1:30 pm & Saturday 7:15 am - 2:30 pm.
Please arrive at least ½ hour before closing.


Solid Waste Supervisor

Please keep and post the Summer 2022 Calendar & Flyer below.
Residents throughout the season must follow these instructions.

Remember that you may not use the dumpster or carts at the Stony Creek Dock during the collection season or ever at Trap Rock Dock, for any island refuse.

Garbage Note: If it came from the sea, put it back in the sea. Clam shells, lobster shells, fish guts, etc. should go back where they came from.

Please take advantage of this service. There is no place on shore closer than the Transfer Station where you may legally take trash. Fines for illegal dumping (including private use of a public dumpster) are $35. Refuse mixed with recyclables will not be collected.

If you have questions or collection problems please call Bill or Jenny at (203) 889-8365 and give your name, island, and phone number. You can also email them at Messages are checked regularly. If your problem cannot be resolved, or if you have other comments, please call the Department of Solid Waste & Recycling at (203) 315- 0622.


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