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Transfer Station Information

Items Accepted

  • Garbage – household solid waste (including bulky items)
  • Glass bottles – any color
  • Metal food cans, aluminum foil & foil pie plates
  • Rigid Plastics #1 - #7; also milk & juice cartons, juice boxes, 
  • Paper products i.e. newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail & phone books 
  • Paperboard i.e. cereal boxes, tissue boxes, paper towel rolls 
  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • White office paper 
  • Construction & demolition debris – e.g. wallboard, tile; roofing, not paint cans, 1 ton limit per 
    project, must fit in roll-off can;
  • Scrap metal – large & small
  • Appliances with Freon – don’t cut the lines, we’ll have the Freon drained and recycled, doors 
    must be removed from refrigerators
  • Tires – 4 passenger tire limit, no large equipment or truck tires
  • Brush & chippable yard waste – 8 foot length max, 1 ton limit per project; no stumps
  • Leaves – without branches or other yard waste. No grass clippings!
  • Used motor oil – not mixed with other fluids, 5 gallon limit; see Hazardous Materials page
  • Fluorescent bulbs 
  • Computers, TVs, printers, consumer electronics – with circuit boards or CRTs
  • Rechargeable Batteries – not alkaline; see Hazardous Materials page
  • Textiles – Clothing, shoes, linens, curtains, etc. Ripped or stained OK, not heavily soiled 
  • Books, audio books, CDs, videos, sports memorabilia, LPs, software, computer games
  • Plastic Film – Please see Miscellaneous Items page for additional informaiton

What We Do Not Accept

Asbestos: Call East Shore Health at 203-481-4233 or check the DPH Asbestos web page
Car Batteries: Take to any place which sells them
Construction/Demolition Debris: If more than 1 ton, get a dumpster.
Grass Clippings: We can't take them, leave on lawn or mix into your home compost
Latex or Oil based Paint and Stains: See Hazardous Materials Section
Pesticides: See Hazardous Materials Section 
Propane Tanks: Take to any place which sells them
Stumps, Large Tree Sections, and Brush: If more than 1 ton, get a dumpster.

Blue Recycling Bins

Recycling bins are in stock and available for pickup at the Transfer Station! Secondary bins are available for those residents who produce large quantities of recyclables. 


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