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Branford Notable Trees

The CFC has been selecting notable trees to promote awareness and importance of town trees. Periodically a tree will be selected to showcase in the Branford Sound newspaper, keep a look out for the next article! Below are some of the trees that have been showcased. 

Article 1: A Notable Tree in Branford
Article 2: 'Look Up!' Branford Notable Tree by Historic Academy on the Green
Article 3: Lovely Linden is a Branford 'Notable Tree'
Article 4: Towering Twin Cedars are Branford 'Notable Trees'
Article 5: Sizable Sycamore is a Branford 'Notable Tree'
Article 6: Crowning Cottonwood is a Branford Notable Tree

Last Updated: Mon, 06/17/2019 - 12:18pm